Quality Policy MariFlex

MariFlex Companies Quality Policy

The QHSE policy of MariFlex in the execution of its activities is aimed at striving for an optimum balance between the care for Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and profitable company. By the QHSE policy, we aim to ensure providing services, which comply with the requirements and demands of the company’s clients.

MariFlex ensures that the safety, health and welfare of all its employees, sub contractors and visitors are secured in the best possible way.

MariFlex meets the legislative requirements for safety, working conditions and environment.

MariFlex strives for continuous improvement of its performance in all QHSE. In order to achieve this following objectives and targets are formulated to improve the quality, reduction of significant QHSE-risks and environmental burden:

  • MariFlex will carry out the necessary quality control to make sure that no production failures will occur.
  • MariFlex only uses subcontractors which are working according to legislative and MariFlex requirements for quality, health, safety and environment.
  • MariFlex considers the occurrence of any accidents unacceptable and strives for zero accident level.
  • MariFlex considers it unacceptable for environmental incidents to take place and will implement reasonable measures to prevent environmental impact and thereby strive for zero incidents.

To meet with above mentioned policy MariFlex has setup a documented QHSE-manual which is reviewed on a yearly base.
Everyone in the organization is responsible for his or her own work in order to:

  • maintain and continuously improve the quality of our services.
  • take care of their own safety and that of others
  • minimize the environmental burden of their own activities as much as possible

Every employee and subcontractor is known in the above written policy and objectives.
The management is responsible for the implementation of the policy. The management has Mr. R. Cogels designated as management representative for the implementation of the policy.

The mission of the MariFlex is to continue as the pacesetter in the maritime industry while ensuring our customers are provided with unparalleled safety, quality, efficiency and productivity. We are committed to the absolute safety of all people with all aspects of the company and its projects. MariFlex is equally committed to doing its part to the respect and preserves the sanctity of the environment and the fragile marine ecosystem in which we work. As our historical performance illustrate, MariFlex is committed to the growth and the development of the company. We continually seek to improve our performance and productivity by melding technological advancements with experience since 1980.