Vision and Values MariFlex

Vision MariFlex

It is in the Vision of MariFlex to have a cohesive, involved workforce committed to continue improvement in order to be the Industry leader in customer service, quality, safety, cost effectiveness and productivity.

Values MariFlex

Exceed customer expectations; To know and exceed the expectations of our customers through a committed to uncompromising quality of service.

Continuous improvement; To strive for excellence through never ending creative improvements.

Personal development; For the company to reach its potential, our people must reach their potential through training and experience and can be recognized for their achievements.

Teamwork; To work together through a cooperative effort among suppliers, coworkers and customers with open communication and participation to achieve common goals.

Concern for employees; To provide a safe and healthy environment for all employees.

Employee empowerment; To create an atmosphere of involvement and trust that gives employees the willingness to take ownership of their processes.