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MariFlex Rotterdam Barging Services (RBS)

Throughout the years MariFlex equipment has been transported within the port of Rotterdam by various service dedicated companies. To become independent from them all MariFlex introduced its first Marine Lorry Crane Kevin C. Stripped of all things unnecessary the “Kevin C” is just that what a floating crane truck should be, a dedicated way of getting equipment from and to the ships in port.


MariFlex in Marine Transportation
Rotterdam Barging Services (member of the MariFlex group of companies)
Has started operations December 2008 – January 2009, with its first crane barge : “Kevin C”. The “Kevin C” is a so called MultiShip self propelled Crane Barge that takes fresh look at the marine transportation needs of the MariFlex Group.

Kevin C particulars:
LengthA18,65 M – Breadth OA 7,50 M – Depth 1,20 M – Deck space75,00 M2
Crane HIAB XS 477 E7 HiPro – JIB 75X-4
When not in operation for the MariFlex Group of companies, the Kevin C can be hired for all your transport needs within the Rotterdam port.

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