Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Policy

1.1 Purpose

  • To ensure that MariFlex Group personnel and contractors maintain a professional attitude towards alcohol consumption and do not use, possess or sell illicit drugs.

1.2 Scope

  • This document applies to all employees of MariFlex Group. In addition, it applies to personnel contracted by
    MariFlex Group to complete work on their behalf.

1.3 Policy

  • Duty personnel shall not perform any duty whilst under the influence of alcohol or uncontrolled drugs.
  • A period of abstinence of usage of alcohol of 4 hours prior to scheduled work period or a minimum period of 1 hour of abstinence for each unit of alcohol consumed (whichever is the greater) to ensure that, prior to going on scheduled duty, the blood alcohol content of the personnel is theoretically zero.
  • MariFlex Group practices a ZERO TOLERANCE policy.
  • Duty personnel shall not use, possess, distribute or sell the following when on duty: –
    o Alcoholic beverages
    o Illicit or controlled drugs
    o Drug paraphernalia
  • Duty personnel shall endeavor to start duty with a blood alcohol content of ZERO and when on duty may be requested to submit, without prior notice, to a random drugs test, or search of person or vehicle by authorized personnel from the Client or Company.

1.4 Guidance

  • Prior to employment, a Mooring Masters may be required to take a D & A test.
  • During employment with MariFlex Transfer Services, employees will be randomly tested for drugs and/or alcohol abuse.
  • During employment with MariFlex, employees can be randomly tested for alcohol abuse.
  • Contractors are obliged to conform to the D & A Policies of MariFlex.
  • In the event of an incident/accident, each key person involved can be tested for D & A.
  • D & A tests and follow up are carried out in accordance with Dutch legislation.

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