History MariFlex

Today MariFlex excels in developing, manufacturing, servicing of offloading equipment, whilst retaining a triple A Status as a service provider for the Liquid Cargo Industry and in trouble-shooting transshipment of all types of liquid cargo, overland or afloat anywhere. Whatever kind of assistance is required in terms of liquid cargo transit; MPS’ trouble-shooters are highly trained to resolve the issue. They will analyse the situation quickly and apply the correct technical solution to solve any complications. MariFlex accomplishes this with a overall presence and the ability to deploy specialists and equipment virtually anywhere within a matter of hours.

The roots of the MariFlex go back to 1980, when the everarising need for emergency response in the liquid cargo trade, led to the establishment of Mariflex Tanker Services (MTS). Soon the founders of MTS recognized the growing need for emergency portable pumps and other related equipment. Whilst Rotterdam was rapidly turning into the No.1 European hub for liquid cargo imports, MTS broadened the service level and its equipment range. The company became a prominent regional trouble-shooter and by 1985 MTS was one of the leading maritime service companies in the port of Rotterdam.

In the years 1991 – 1999 MTS reached out even further as it established a foothold in Houston and became a global player with service locations in the 3 most strategic ports. From 2000 onwards MTS underwent a lot of changes and merged with MariClean to form MariFlex Pump Services (MPS) in 2004. In 2006 MariFlex Engineering and in 2010 MariFlex Transfer Services were esthablished, allowing the to position itself as a “One Stop Shop”.