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MariFlex Africa PTY LTD BBB-EE level 4

Liquid cargo trouble shooters that provide : In-situ solutions for emergencies or regular operations when handling liquid bulk cargoes in port or at sea. Highly trained specialists they are … Instantly available problem solvers capable of tackling any problem with handling liquid cargo on board ships and / or shore installations. They are experts in providing emergency solutions without losing the economic point of view, they will solve your problem in no-time at all, making use of their experience and the most extensive array of equipment known in the world today. Specific training in this field, specialised equipment and unrivalled experience make MariFlex Africa supervisors your reliable partners in the liquid cargo trade. They can deliver equipment for rental/sale, take on complete transfer operations or be used as an advisor.

Eyeing the problems that occurred with liquid bulk cargo either at sea or in port, MariFlex Group has a long track record with : ship agents, owners, managers, charterers, oil companies, refineries, tankstorage installations, tankcleaners, salvors, port authorities and the like. The history of MariFlex goes back to 1980 when it was founded. The Group has since than developed from a subsidiary into a fully equipped turn-key marine service company. Presently a team of 20 trained supervisors are operational around the globe, tackling challenges offered by the customers. Thousands of situations have been handled by MPS since those early years and what began a pump rental company has now developed into a fully grown service company, a true one-stop-shop for the petrochemical and marine industry.

Our African branch MariFlex Africa established early 2015 is now active in de Western Cape with rental of hydraulic portable pump systems and complete STS Transfer operations at sea or in port The rental fleet now includes pumps for almost any product, diesel hydraulic powerpacks up to 600 litres / min, STS / cargo hoses of all sizes / sorts, “Yokohama” Fenders, mobile Inert gas installations, mobile steam generators, heat exchangers, submersible steam heaters, stainless steel particle filters down to 0.1 µ, tank cleaning and gas freeing equipment.

The VCRS MVRU – 1100 tackles the ever present challenge to the petrochemical industry, especially tanker operators and barge operators, to comply with ‘green’ incentives and reduce emissions. Especially trans-shipments between Sea-going vessels and Inland barges have been in the sights of Port authorities and Environmental agencies alike.Sea going ships are inerted to less than 8% oxygen in their tanks. Barges are often not inerted, making them incompatible with inerted ships when vapour balancing. During transfers between ships and noninerted barges the MVRU – 1100 serves to capture VOC’s from the barge and control vapour emissions. The MVRU – 1100 system handles up to 1100 Cu. M. per hour vapour, with a VOC removal efficiency of 99,9%. It is readily available from our warehouse in Rotterdam and can be transported by conventional means (it is the size and dimensions of a 20 feet TEU container). It can be prepared and mobilised in a matter of hours, making it an ideal partner for people planning trans-shipments in environmentally sensitive areas.