MariFlex MSP 30-200 Hydraulic Driven Portable Pump

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MariFlex MSP 30-200 Hydraulic Driven Portable Pump

To prevent possible contamination of hydraulic oil into the cargo tank with vegetable oil products/molasses, MariFlex has designed their positive displacement pump with a cofferdam.
The pump has been designed with a cofferdam space between the hydraulic oil section and medium section. A double acting seal arrangement and cofferdam prevents cross contamination between the hydraulic oil and the medium in the cargo tank. In the event of seal failure, the hydraulic oil or medium will collect inside the cofferdam and discharge through the leak line to the ships deck level and where it can by collected. The operator can then take immediately action to exchange the portable pump.

Characteristics of our MariFlex MSP 30-200 Mono
• Design: Eccentric single screw positive displacement
• 316 L Aluminum casing with stainless rotor
• Foodgrade, NBR or PTFE stator
• 278 mm dia. (< std. Butterworth hole size)
• Max. viscosity up to 20.000 cPoise
• High viscous capacity (up to 30 m3 / hr.)
• Double seal arrangement with cofferdam
• Easy parts and maintenance

Specifications: MariFlex MSP-30-200

Design : Eccentric single screw positive displacement. (MONO pump)
Capacity / head : 30m3 / hr – 8 bar max.
Viscosity /specific gravity : 1000 Cst at 20 degrees/1.55
Speed : 300 rpm max.
Required power : 26 kW.
Material casing : Aluminum.
worm (rotor) : special steel.
stator : NBR.
hydr. motor : cast steel.
Hydr. motor : gear wheel type.
Hydr. working pressure : 200 bar.
Hydr. pressure max. : 250 bar.
Hydr. oil flow max. : 60 ltr/min.
Hydr. press.connection : valved snap-on coupling.
Hydr. return connection : valved snap-on coupling.
Discharge connection : 4” quick coupling male.
Max. outer diameter : 298 mm. fits through 12 1/2” standard Butterworth hatch.
Height : 1675 mm.
Weight (excl. hoses) : 95 kgs.

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