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MariFlex Mobile Liquid Cargo Filtration Services
MariFlex Liquid Cargo Services (MLCS) specializes in the on-site reconditioning of contaminated liquid products, such as: Chemicals, Clean Petroleum Products, Edibles oils, (Bio)Fuels etc.
This reconditioning service can be provided at shore installations or on board tanker vessels during voyage making use of portable equipment, avoiding costly extra shipping costs.
MLCS equipment necessary for reconditioning of the product is shipped woldwide. Samples of the product before and after can be tested in house so discretion is secured.

Mobile filtering job
Using mobile equipment, MLCS specialists reconditioned a trainload of diesel contaminated with solidified bio-diesel on location. Within hours from the telephone call, our Marine Chemist was on site with mobile laboratory equipment to determine the correct filter method and equipment was swiftly despatched from the warehouse.

Avoiding double shipping cost
The next day our client delivered the diesel to various customers in the area without further delay. This allowed the trader to meet his obligations and more important keep his customers happy. No extra transhipment cost for the product was incurred, which proved a significant advantage. All samples, taken by a sworn inspector, passed the laboratory testing well within specification.

Some products we have improved:
– 1-Hexene – Jet fuel
– Acetic Acid – Methanol
– Bio-diesel – Methylene Chloride
– Diesel oil – Naphta
– Iso-Paraffin – N-Paraffin

Some countries in which we have worked:
– The Netherlands (HQ)*
– Belgium
– United Kingdom
– France
– Austria
– Denmark
– Sweden
– South Africa (Branch)*
– United States of America (Branch)*

*MariFlex Strategic Services Branch.

MariFlex development, manufacturing, sales, rental and repair of Liquid Cargo Handling equipment / systems.
As a specialist in Marine equipment and services, MariFlex has a very comprehensive selection of pumps, powerpacks and other equipment available for sale or rent, specially designed and purposely built for the transhipment of liquid products in bulk.

MariFlex can offer you equipment ranging from complete standard portable pumping installations to custom made turn-key marine equipment.

Upon request, MariFlex designs and builds special pumps, powerpacks and other equipment, according to internationally recognised standards and guidelines.


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