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MariFlex DHP 120 Silence Diesel Hydraulic Powerpack
MariFlex Hydraulic Powerpack is, self-contained, extremely compact and light weight built, incorporating a protection / lifting frame built from high tensile seawater resistant aluminum and coated with two component paint color RAL no.1021 (cadmium yellow). MariFlex builds these units to customer specifications, but
generally speaking they can be divided into two different types: Electrical or diesel driven.

Characteristics of all our Hydraulic Powerpacks:
• All components enclosed within a protection/ lifting frame
• The protection/lifting frame is made from high tensile, sea water resistant aluminum and is coated with a two component paint system
• A dashboard is incorporated in the protection/ lifting frame to check and control the:
– engine running hours
– engine / motor speed & temperature
– lubricating oil pressure
– hydraulic oil pressure & temperature.

Specifications MariFlex DHP-120 Silence
Maker : Iveco (type N45MST), water cooled.
Emission Class : 2004/26/CE Step 3 A- EPA Tier 3
Rating : 85 Kw nett. at 2200 rpm. DIN B 6270.
Start system : Kineteco spring starter.
Exhaust : Fully insulated, with PTB. Approved sparking arrestor.
Fuel system Double filters, including water separator.
Fuel type : According EN 590 (low Sulpher)
Fuel consumption : Max 20ltr/hr
Fuel tank : 190 ltr (50 Gallon) Basement tank, including filler/ breather cap, drain and gauge glass.

Type : Axial plunger, with variable setting.
Flow : 140 ltr/min. (336 gal/min.) at 2200 rpm.
Pressure : 320 bar max. (4700 psi).
Indicators : Hydraulic pressure and temperature.
Filter : Full flow 10 micron, including magnet element and visual dirt indicator, by-pass at 0.7 bar.
Oil type : ISO 46.
Oil tank : 100 ltr. (26 Gallon) incl. filler/ breather cap, drain and gauge glass.
Cooling : Air cooled, thermostat controlled and intergraded in diesel engine radiator.
Indicators / Protections : Hydraulic oil pressure / temp. Dirt indicator hydraulic oil filter. Hydraulic pressure relief valve. Low level hydraulic oil tank (Amot) High temperature hydraulic oil (Amot)
Connections pump : 1 x High (1”) and 1 x low (1½”) pressure valved snap-tite, couplings for connection of extension hoses.
Dimension : L 1800 x W 800 x H1600 mm.
Weight (dry) : 1000 Kg.


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