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MariFlex/Damen Mobile Ballast Water Treatment

MariFlex/Damen Mobile Ballast Water Treatment


Most ship owners are expected to comply with new ballast water regulations by installing onboard Ballast Water Treatment Systems. MariFlex has also considered alternatives for those owners that may not want to retrofit a treatment system, perhaps because their ships operate on non-exempted fixed routes or their ships are so old as to make any investment in such a system prohibitively expensive. Alternatives are also required for ports that need to provide backup in the case of emergencies when ships’ onboard treatment systems fail.

For these reasons, Damen has developed a unique mobile discharge technology – InvaSave – which enables port based treatment of ballast water.
With InvaSave technology, ballast water only needs treating at the point of discharge, in contrast to most fixed onboard installations that also need to
treat at intake.

Mariflex Newsflash januari 2017

Mariflex Newsflash januari 2017

Entities in the Netherlands and outside are mimicking our products and services. With extreme prejudice some are even abusing the name MariFlex.

However MariFlex has the strength, heritage, history and experience to deal with that in a positive manner.
MariFlex has always strived to serve it’s customers in the professional way they are used from the Group and will continue to do so.

The New Mariflex program “In-progress” (Innovatieve Professionals for a green environment and sustainable services) Will take our level of services to an unprecendented high.
Furthermore 2016 saw a record of 1150 orders for our operations team, resulting in a +20% increase in turnover and healthy profit.

MariFlex Engineering is now increasing it’s share in various markets resulting in + for the 2016 balance and with that the company is back on track after some negative years.
Rotterdam Barging Services Will acquire more vessels in 2017 and will actively penetrate the Ballast Water Management market.
We have been and will always be your 24/7 reliable partner in Professional Liquid Cargo Handling.


Oldies from the Shoebox

Oldies from the Shoebox

Over the top discharge by portable pumps of various grades of vegetable oils and molasses.

Jobs that brings back memories of the “good old days” of single hull tankers that always had numerous challenges to face when discharging their tropical cargo in Europe during wintertime.